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Sagittarius November 23 - Dec 22

SAGITTARIUS SUN : Short-tempered, spoils, reliable, rich, obstinate, respected by all, happy, popular, religious, wealthy, musician.

Freedom loving, idealist, unfettered by "small thinking"; inspiration; religion, philosophy, the law; awareness of your connections to the rest of the world; can be distant from others, afraid to give up freedom, reluctant to be tied down; on the other hand, aware of the value of the social contract; enthusiastic, gregarious, generous; loves abstract, theoretical ideas, sees the big picture, ignores the details; in love with an ideal; foreign travel, liberating experiences.

General character: Sagittarius (the archer) is optimistic and full of life. You are adventurous, energised and an extrovert. You continue to have a positive outlook even when your ideas are put down. You are always on the side of the underdog. You have good judgment and enjoy starting projects. You have a nagging need to feel free, which can get you into trouble. You also tend to be impatient.

Physical Fetaures: People born under the sign of Sagittarius usually have a large and well-shaped skull, a high, broad forehead, a slender and well formed figure. They stand high and walk high like a Centaur. They have the tendency to stoop or slouch as if grazing for grass. Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs and sacral area; some astrologers consider Sagittarians as tending to suffer from ailments of the hips and thighs and being prone to sciatica.

Watch for the wide-bridged nose with the ball on the tip. Also note the large domed head, the long neck and the wide jaw that narrows quickly to a blunt and angled chin. Other features include the broad horsey teeth and the unmistakable sparkling eyes. Appropriately, many of these creatures are fond of pony tails.

Celebrity Sagittarius:
Woody Allen
Bette Midler
Dick Van Dyke
Caroline Kennedy
Teri Hatcher
Sammy Davis Jr