Psychic Readings By Nicole,Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Consultant (267) 515-4246

Nicole Offers Many Services Over the Phone Via Live Webcam Chat and in Person  

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 Tarot Card Readings Live Video Chat $25.00 USD

 Full Life Psychic Reading Live Video Chat $55.00 US

Before Purchasing your reading be sure to set up an apointment, by Requesting a reading. Readings will done via Skype or Paltalk. Reading can last beatween 20 minuts to an hour.


Psychic Readings

A Psychic Reading is an Analysis of Ones Life. Past Present and Future. By Tapping into her spritual powers nicole focuses on an individuals energy. And Reads the inpressions on an individuals Life. in this way it is possible to know where you are. where you've been and where your going. This reading is the most powerfull and most recomended.

Palm and Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards as well as the palm of the hand, When read correctly about a persons past experience and its effects on ones life. They have definate meanings and metaphysical value that shows ones inner characteristics. Also shown is the essence of a persons nature, Which basicaly tells you what are some of your likes and dislikes. And what you are best adapted for. As well as what is most important in your life. Also Shown are your relationships with other people around you. And how they will effect your life. these are things that are known to shape ones destiny.

Chakra Readings and Balancing

Balancing the Chakras is inportant to do on a regular basis. If one chakra is out of balance the others canot  function properly.